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In Member's Area
Menu tab: Blitz Boltz

Member's Banner's below
Open in a New Window



Members advertise there referral url splash page.

This page shows members banners rotating
This page is seen on hundreds of sites


Advertising is something once used

can not be retrieved back

and the member that referred you here

earned a commission

instantly into there account



THINK 3 times before buying advertising

or upgrading.

How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Viral Banner' In members area on the members area menu
upload your banner.
Assign Impressions to your banners.

How Do i Get Commissions?

Click 'Affiliate Tool Box' In members area

on the members area menu
grab your referral tools.

Any Time one of your referrals upgrades

or buys impressions you will earn a commission.

Free members earn 10%
Upgraded members earn 30 to 50%

You must have a website listed and credits at least previously assigned to it in menu tab add website

You Must have at least one viral banner listed and at least previously assigned impressions to it under menu tab viral banner

You must have real name first and last and whole profile filled out to receive commissions due

This insures we have a community of converversions and not just waisted advertising

When do I get Paid?

Click commissions In members area on the members area menu
to see commissions due . Commissions are paid 30 days from sale.

Example: If You Make a sale on Dec 5th

there is a holding period to Jan 5th

and If comm were paid on Dec 2nd

You comm would be paid the next pay period

$10 Min to be paid Upgraded Members

$15 Min to be Paid to Free members

What do i do with credits earned?

Credits are earned referring other members.

Or Surfing

earn extra credits while surfing

surf rewards, prize page, letter hunt, ratio boost

These credits can be converted to viral banner Impressions

This is done in viral banner menu tab

Have more questions email admin

Jeff Dionne Admin

We are a Viral Banner Advertising Coop

Add Your Viral Banners Click Viral Banner Menu tab

these banners are seen on

all members's referral splash page link

rotating among 40 Banners

also on Front Page & Member's area

and randomly in surf rotating among 25 Banners

As member's advertise there referral splash page link

at various sites to gain referrals

This can easily grow into 100's of sites

that your banner can be seen virally

across hundreds of sites

Visit Our membership level choices in Box Below Click upgrade menu tab in member's area

Visit the Affiliate tool box in member's area to refer other members

Credits earned can only be used to assign to surf pages

or convert to Viral Banner Impressions

Free members 1 credit = 5 imp

Blitz 1 credit = 10 imp

Mega Blitz 1 credit = 15 imp

Top Blitz 1 credit = 20 imp

Ways to earn credits:

refer other members and Surf

and show your splash page referral link

Free members 1 referral = 150 credits

Blitz 1 referral = 150 credits

Mega Blitz 1 referral = 150credits

Top Blitz 1 referral = 150 credits


I added this in as a way to earn extra credits

surfing a members favorite site

convert these credits to Viral Banner impressions

Free members 1 surf = .2 credits 8 sec timer

Blitz 1 surf = .3 credits 7 sec timer

Mega Blitz 1 surf = .4 credits 6 sec timer

Top Blitz 1 surf = .5 credits 5 sec timer

Watch for admin random email alerting you to Surf Ratio Boost

All Members Earn 5 % Credits From Referrals Surfing and 1% From There Referrals

Dynamic Surf Ratios- Surf Rewards- Promo Codes- prize pages- letter hunt

All Members Can add

TWO to FIVE Surf Pages

One 468x60 banner shown on surf bar

one text link shown on surf bar

You earn credits showing your referral splash page

1/10th of credit free members

2/10th 0f credit Upgraded members

(Convert these credits to Viral Banner Impression

Ways to earn commissions:

refer other members who buy advertising or pay to upgrade

Free members 10% Comm

Blitz members = 30% Comm

Mega Blitz members = 40% Comm

Top Blitz members = 50% Comm



Blitz Banner Viral Member's Splash Page Referral Link

as they advertise it on other sites. Also seen

In member's area and Front Page .

Banners Rotate randomly

among 40 other banners on splash page

and members earn credits

showing there splash page referral link

they can convert to viral banner impressions

Log In Spot Lights are seen when other members log into the site.

Start Pages are seen when other Members Click Surf


Click Menu Upgrade Button in member's area

FREE MEMBERS get 250 Viral Banner Impressions Monthly

Membership Levels Free BLITZ Mega Blitz TOP BLITZ
Monthly Impressions 250 10000 15000 20000
Credits per Referral 150 150 150 150
Credit Conversion Credits To Impressions 5 10 15 20
Commissions % 10 30 40 50
Max Banners 3 5 10 20
Monthly Price Free $3.49 $4.49 $5.99
Yearly Price Free $19.99 $29.99 $47.00

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